Monday, March 30, 2015

Cooler, then fingers crossed for rain.

Easter is a holiday about new beginnings and fresh starts.  A little rain could give that spring flower a chance.  First, though, we need to get through the week.  Cooler already today, with a high of just about 70F today.  Funny, how that is cooler.  In late March.  But it is.  What a weekend that was.  Especially with the pumping swell out there.  Not that I saw it.  We took our son to the depleted snow.  Great, fun, spring skiing conditions, and Kirkwood still has the beginner zone up and running.  Anyway, over the next few days, another storm system will pass through to our north, but this one will do a better job of brining us some cooler weather.  Here in Santa Cruz, that may only mean a drop of a few degrees in temperature, but we will see some strong north west winds developing.

Harbor light.  We could see some marine layer the middle of the week.

Wednesday will be the coolest, perhaps Thursday.  Tuesday, through Thursday, highs will be in the mid to upper 60s, with 25 knot winds blowing off the ocean.  It surely will feel much cooler than the last few days.  By Friday, the winds will lighten, and temps will rebound into the low 70s.  A short reprieve, as over the weekend, we will drop back into the mid to upper 60s.

What is interesting is how much colder things will be at elevation.  Daytime highs over the weekend were in the mid to upper 50s at 8000 feet.  Today they drop to about 50F, but as we move through the week, those highs move done through and to the low 40s.  By Sunday, highs will be in the mid to upper 30s.  And that is when we see the first chance of snow.  In fact, by Easter Sunday a large wintery system is set to be posed just off the California coast, and will slowly shift rain inland.  Or so say the models.  This could be the pattern change into winter we have been looking for all winter.  It is possible to see increasing chances of rain from Easter through next Wednesday.  Still a ways out, but only time will tell.  Fingers crossed, and be prepared to see some wet weather begin to impact our region starting next week.

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