Thursday, March 5, 2015

Scammed Again!

Well, it sure felt nice thinking for a few days that the storm door would open wide and force water down our throats.  While there is perhaps rain in our future, the run that sent a solid system right through the state, dumping on the Sierra and all the way into SoCal by late next weekend has been knock off by another northerly tracker.  Bummer, dude.  First, though, we are in the midst of a nice span of weather.  Not abnormally warm, but pretty damn nice.  Feels great out there in the March sun.   As we approach the equinox, things are warming up more and more.  Along with this warming trend, the corn cycle up in snow country is just settling in.  Looks like it is going to be a nice one through Tuesday or so.   No real change to the forecast through the weekend or next week.

Winter is a great time to grow potted flowers.

Still seeing a chance of rain by Wednesday next week.  We could see cooler air move back in, but that is no more certain than the rain.  Regardless, it just does not look like that high pressure is going to break down.  The runs the past few days have a stronger looking high pressure just sitting in place.  They still have that large low pressure system, but it spends a bit of time in the Gulf, and eventually gets ejected north of here.  All of this is still a week or more away, so a lot could change.  I personally hoping to see the forecast revert, but not really thinking that will happen.  The past few winters suggest a dryer solution with the rain going north.  It is funny, I am reading a book about the Dust Bowl, and how people kept hoping the long term drought was not do persistent, and that rain was just a few days away.  And not too long ago I heard a report suggesting this is just round one in a long term drought for the west that should peak around 2040.  Anyway, enjoy the fine weather, pray for rain and begin thinking of way to really curtail your water use.  Restriction likely to remain in place and perhaps increase in severity.

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