Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gonna git hot out there... sort of.

Some serious warmth is headed for Central California.  You can feel it trying to develop today, but that is just the air mass starting to warm up.  High clouds also are keeping it a touch cool.  Still, it is much warmer out than yesterday and we have pushed into the mid 60s and will likely reach the upper 60s.  Still going to cool off into the upper 40s tonight with a clearing sky allowing radiative cooling.  That clear sky will only allow things to warm more tomorrow.  Low to mid 70s.  Still cool overnight.  Then we get a solid bump up folks.  Warmest weather of the year so far.  Perhaps.  With lighter coastal winds on Thursday and Friday, we are talking some legitimate beach weather.  And there will be a building combo swell to boot.  Lovely California.  We may have no water, but it is still a lovely place to be outdoors.  At least for now.

Been a lot of whales worth watching along the coast.  

By late in the weekend, the high pressure is squeezed from the north, by storms bringing more rain to the PNW.  Man, this country needs some pipelines built.  We sure could use that water.  Would't it be nice if the agricultural demand was met by imported water?  Although, I am sure that would create some new ecological damage.  Anyway, this weekend should be a bit cooler than Thurs/Fri.  One, or both, of those days could hit the low 80s.  Mid to low 70s for the weekend.  Especially by Sunday.  The start of next week looks to remain fair, and in the 70s for highs, and upper 40s for lows.  Some outliers suggest light precipitation, again, late Sunday.  Doubt we see anything like that.

Weather is really good for developing your tomato starts.  Pot them up from 6 packs, to 4" to 1 gallon pots.  Repot them deep, clipping all but their upper leaves, and burying the stem.  Thus they will develop a robust root ball.  These warm, sunny days, and cool nights keep the plants in a juvenile stage, were they really want to grow in size, instead of setting flowers.  Let's them grow robust.  Hell, if we are lucky enough to keep this kind of weather for a month, you will have them in the ground and taking off before May.  Anyway, point is, it is time to work in that garden.

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