Sunday, February 8, 2015

Impressive water.

Let us just hope we can collect a good portion of this stuff.  The mid mountain rivers are flowing hard.  The Santa Lucia range has received over two inches in the last 24 hours.  Ben Lomond just under two inches.  When this all settles down tomorrow, it will be nice to get a look at what we received.  Here is your forecast for the work week.  Showers and plenty of wind tonight.  And while rain should be subsiding overnight, and with some luck there will be little to no rain for the morning the commute, the roads will still be plenty wet.  Keep an eye out for puddles, downed trees and power lines.  There will still be plenty of hazards to negotiate.  Heck, watch those south winds, especially if you plan drive across any of the bridges that span the bay.  Anyway, showers subside, likely before day break, and no later than noon.  Clouds breaking through the day.  High temp of about 65F.

Expect more winter light show this coming week.  Wilder Ranch SP.

Nights get cold again with the storm gone.  Low 40s early in the week.  Winds turn northerly on Tuesday.  Mild temps through Thursday, then a touch of warming on Friday.  We will be back in the low 70s.  But not for long, as the ridge begins its move northwest over the weekend.  We could be going into a wintery wet period as early as the week of the 16th.  This won't be the dramatic type weather like this past weekend with gusty south winds and down pours.  More like a sustained wet period, where accumulations like this past weekend's might take a week or two.  Of course, time will tell.  For now, enjoy the breaking storm tomorrow and the upcoming week of fine winter weather.

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