Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pump, pump, pumping up.

This morning the east wind was quite brisk.  I thought, damn, it is gonna warm up.  It did.  Mid 70s on the upper west side this afternoon.  Kind of nice to kick it at the park, with shorts and t-shirts and bare feet.  In February.  More of the same tomorrow.  And by the look of things, perhaps yesterday's forecast needs a slight adjustment.  Saturday will be quite warm.  Maybe even 70F at the ocean's edge.  Warmer in town.  And while Sunday will see a bit of cooling, we should still hit 70F in town.  So the cool down is not looking quite as strong.  By mid week, we will be back to about 65F.  So, not quite as cool as it looked yesterday.  And yeah, still no rain.  There is some suggestion of an under cutting system by next week, but only time will tell.  I'm keeping an eye out for this, and feel confident that we have at least another week of sunshine before the next chance for rain.  And my gut tells me it will be longer than that.  More to come.

Seals on a rock.  Wilder Ranch.

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