Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Strange keeps getting stranger.

Well, we will still work through this week with a slight warming trend.  So heat wave, but this afternoon through Thursday, we could be in for some decently warm weather.  Even the early morning lows will be on the rise.  But by Friday, we will begin to see the effects of a second inside slider.  Last Sunday, the Sierra around Tahoe received some light snow.  A few inches.  Along the crest near Mammoth Lakes a foot of cold snow fell.  Down south, east of L.A. reports range from 10 to 16 inches of fresh snow above 8000 feet.  Kind of an impressive SoCal storm.  This weekend, the slider will be a bit further west, as our high pressure amplifies off the coast.

The snow up in Tahoe was the best it has been all season last week.  Get it before it is gone.  Kirkwood Sidecountry.

For us here in Santa Cruz, rain showers are still in questions.  It really depends on how this system tracks.  Based on current model runs we could be seeing some light showers showing up late in the day Friday, intensifying into something more than a drizzle by Saturday morning, and letting up during the day, and clearing out by Sunday morning.  All said in done, we will be lucky to see a half inch.  Likely most areas along the central coast will be measuring a few tenths of an inch.  Maybe a foot of snow at the peaks along the Sierra Crest near Tahoe. More rain and snow headed to SoCal.  Again.  At least the state will be getting some water, especially in the south where the winter has been weakest.  But mostly, it is just going to be cold.  Snow levels down to about 4500 feet on Saturday.  We will be lucky to reach into the 60s over the weekend.  And as the moisture clears out, the chill looks to stick around.  At least the limited snow pack will stop melting.  And while it will be much chillier than we have seen this winter, it will not be terribly cold.

As of now the mid and long term look questionable.  Go figure.  At least we are seeing some possibilities of rain in the future.  Better than the high and dry we have mostly seen in 2015.  On the other hand, the excellent surf we have been enjoying for the last six weeks will be coming to a halt.  We still have some weaker, smaller, and more local surf looking to show up, so it won't be completely flat.  But we are not expecting any mid sized longer period surf for the next 10 days or so.  Of course, that could change as well.  For now, expect mild temps this week, cooler this weekend, with showers Fri-Sat, and clearing after that.  Slight chance for a rain system early to mid next week.  Looks dry after that though.  Keep posted, and pray for rain.

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