Monday, February 20, 2017

Holee Sheets.

This is the storm.  The calm is now gone.  Rain started as expected, with just over an inch by sunrise.  Then it mellowed a bit with with just over an inch and a half by noon.  As we approach sunset, we near two inches for the day.  But is is jamming out there right now.  We lost another section of roofing this afternoon as those winds whipped up.  I wish we had a wind gauge, as we are on a south facing slope and exposed to the southwest wind.  I'm pretty sure it was whipping though here with gusts over 45mph.  The gauges down on King Street were clocking gusts up to 28mph.  The Harbor is currently clocking 35mph.  Long Marine Lab is at 34mph, but had a gust of 60mph around 4:45.  Even more impressive was an 80mph gust at 5Pm in Panoche, in souther San Benito County.

A redwood tree fell across all four lanes of Highway 17 this afternoon.  The San Joaquin River was expected to exceed flood levels today.  Oroville is maintaining itself, but the spillway continues to erode.  In flow is expected to exceed out flow by about now, so we will need to see how that goes.  This rainfall right now is pretty warm, so that is not good.  Tonight will be interesting across the region.  Plenty of wind, but we have likely at the peak of it right now.  It will mellow a bit overnight, but still be strong tomorrow.  GFS if forecasting several more inches overnight.  Radar is full right now.  It feels like it is raining pretty hard.  Still, the main AR is shifting south, so we might not sustain.  The rain will back off quite a bit tomorrow.  But plan for some rain, at least through the morning.

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