Thursday, February 23, 2017

Showers and Ballon.

Cool weather continues over the next few days.  Mornings are especially crisp, with lows in the mid to upper 30s.  If you are a bit inland, and low, and shadowed, it could be cooler than that.  Tie Gulch would be an example.  They dropped to 29.8F this morning.  The day should be otherwise pleasant on Friday with plenty of sunshine.  The winds will pick up to a moderate speed from the south tomorrow, ahead of an approaching storm.  This one does not look like it will hit us directly, but we could see wrap around moisture filling in during the afternoon on Saturday.  It won't be much.  Perhaps a few tenths of an inch by mid morning on Sunday.  Whatever doe come, it should wrap up by late in the day Sunday.  This thing is is a cut off low, so we could see it miss us completely, or hit us more directly.  Sunday night a second round might swing through, but this one currently looks even lighter.  It could have lasting showers for the Monday morning commute.  Normally, this would not be much of a concern, but with our water loaded earth, something to consider.  About a half inch total from Saturday through Monday.  The cool thing is snow levels will be low.  Below 3000 feet at times. So we could be enjoying some snow on the mountains around the bay again next week.

Here is the awesome news.  By Tuesday, the storms clear out and high pressure begins to set up on Central California.  A nice fat bubble of high pressure.  The week will begin on the cooler side, but we could see some real warming with that early March sun.  We will be back in the 60s by Wednesday and shooting up to the mid and upper 60s by late in the work week.  And get this.  It may stick around through mid month.  Yes, we actually may see not one, but two weeks of sun.  A chance to dry out.  That would be awesome.

I'm up in the Sierra right now.  There is so much snow.  A tremendous amount.  Drought is only recorded in less than 17% of the state.  Only 4% of that Severe.  We still have about a third of the state listed as Abnormally Dry, or in drought, but that is an awesome improvement over where we started this water year.  Lets hope the infrastructure holds up.

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