Friday, February 17, 2017


Winds came up around 4AM, and they are only getting stronger.  They are south easterly this morning, shifting more south westerly and building through afternoon.  It is quite a day out there.  Not that much rain has fallen yet, but forecasts are calling for one to two inches today.  There is a tremendous amount of rain falling to our south over a large area; from Big Sur to Los Angeles.  This storm is mostly south of us, but it is a whale of a storm.  This coming week will likely eradicate surface water drought in 75% of the state, by the time it is all said an done.

Rain will fall through the day today, but I'm not expecting to see that one to two inches.  There is still a fair amount of precipitation north of us, that will move south.  Regardless, by night fall, things will likely be showery.  Saturday morning could begin a little wet, but sunshine will come out mid day.  A cold front coming in today will keep temps cool tomorrow, but that sun will be nice.  Get it while you can, because clouds move in quickly overnight Saturday, and showers arrive for Sunday.  Those showers turn to rain Sunday night and Monday looks like another whale of a storm.  Just a little colder than this one.

Showers persist through Wednesday.  It looks like we get a short break on Thursday, with one more chance for rain next Friday.  After that, the long term model runs suggest a solid high pressure setting up.  We could be enjoying more sunshine soon.

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