Sunday, February 19, 2017

Quiet before the storm.

It has been a mellow day.  About two tenths of an inch of rain.  Not really all that much.  In fact, it was a good day to spend outside.  Monday is a holiday.  Which is good.  It will keep many commuters off the road.  Rain showery weather continues this evening and then around midnight we get slammed.  Strong winds will be blowing by morning, with gusts up to 40mph forecasted in town.  I lost some of my deck roofing during the last system.  I'll need to see how my patch work holds up.  That rain I mentioned will be heavy.  We have over four inches forecasted by night fall on Monday.  I think the GFS is coming in a bit strong, but it has us right in the bullseye.  Be ready for some major flooding Monday.  Today's very light rain was running all over town, and pooling up.  Now imagine twenty times that much.  Or more.  Things are going to get real (as if they have not been real enough).  Sure glad right now that I live in town, and hope for the best for those in the hills.

Monday will be very stormy, with strong winds, and very heavy rains.  We are forecast to get over one inch per six hour period from midnight tonight until midnight tomorrow.  The strong rains start to back off in the very early morning hours Tuesday.  BTW, temps are forecasted in the low 60s Monday, and upper 50s Tuesday.  Moderate rains continue through the early part of the day Tuesday, then back off to more showery weather.  The real storms pass.  Wind will be lighter on Tuesday, around 15 mph.  Rains break by night fall.  Wednesday morning will likely still have clouds, but just as likely not have rain.  Cooler day, in the mid 50s, with one more system moving in mid day.  Good news is this one is pretty mellow.  Much less water (as in like maybe a half inch) and much less wind.

Sun comes back out Thursday and cooler air settles in with daytime highs in the mid 50s and overnight lows in the low 40s.  Not December cold, but cold.  The GFS has gotten pretty bullish with a Friday afternoon to Saturday night storm.  Will need to watch that.  In fact, it suggest wet wether through the following Tuesday (Feb 28th).  These are new developments.  Clear after that through the fifth of March.  Then more water.  Seriously.  Can't make this stuff up.

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