Tuesday, February 21, 2017

That's So Cool.

Currently 45F out at 8:45PM.  That is the coolest evening temp we have seen in a while.  Snow is still falling in the Sierra, and freezing level is dropping to 5000 feet or lower tonight.  Clouds are above my house, and today we received moderate rain.  Around noon we had a quick downpour, and it seemed like we were going to get a deluge.  My faithful gauge in Scotts Valley recorded a quick bout of rain around 6AM.  Together with the mid day squall, and a short minimal burst around 7PM, we are looking at a half inch total.  That puts this particular location at near 25 inches for the month, or over an inch a day.  I recall writing something like this in January.

We still have a chance for rain tonight, but it is not likely and not more than a tenth of an inch.  Tomorrow we will see clouds and sun, and it will be cool in the mid 50s.  Temps drop into the upper 30s for the first time in a while tomorrow night as the sky becomes mostly clear.  It will be crisp come Thursday morning.  The day will be even cooler, and the night even colder.  We could see temps drop down to 32F just a mile or two inland.  Town will bottom out around 35F.  Friday is more of the same, but not quite as cold.  Clouds return sometime on Friday night and we are looking at the chance for another storm Saturday through Monday.  Models are not agreeing on a solution for this period, but it looks likely we will at least get some rain during that period.

At least it looks sunny for a few days after that.  At least it does now.  A few days ago I though this coming weekend looked clear. We need some time to dry out.  The water year is near record breaking.  The ground is very wet.  The roads are sliding away.  We need a break.

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