Monday, March 6, 2017

As Forecast.

Did I forget to emphasize how chilly it would be?  It was sure crisp out yesterday.  We went for one of our usual hikes, and while we were moving quite briskly, it was still cold with a flannel on through mid day.  Still, it was a fantastic day for a hike.  Wonderful winter light, running water and a pair of foxes made it quite nice.  Also having mostly a break in the rain helped as well, as when the few drops did fall, they were very cold drops. There was chatter about snow at the summit.  Snow levels were down to about 1500 feet at times over the past 36 hours.  I'm hoping when the weather clears by late today we might see some brief white capped mountains.  It would be brief, only because we would not accumulate enough snow for things to stick with this system.

Chilly this morning, but reasonable.  40F here in town.  In the mid to upper 30s in the local mountains.  It is 14F this morning at Kirkwood.  So not super cold.  Some light to moderate showers are falling this morning.  These will likely be short lived, but a thin spotty band is effecting from the middle of Monterey Bay and up the I80 corridor.  We might collect a tenth of an inch more.  All told, the region received from a few tenths of an inch up to a half inch, from the rain Saturday night through today.  Today, Monday, will be mostly cloudy, with breaks toward afternoon.  We could see some light showers.  Highs will stick in the mid to upper 50s.

Clouds continue to thin this evening, a the low will again be about 40F.  Then we go into a quick warming trend, with a high by Wednesday in the upper 60s.  The storm track remains quite active, just to our north, suppressing warming.  We will settle into the mid 60s on Thursday and Friday with continued sunshine.  We could see more clouds on Friday, and a chance for light rain as early as Friday night and into the weekend.

Models are continuing to suggest a return to a rainy period by and during next week.  I'll keep an eye on these systems, and as of this point have little confidence in outcomes.  Even the weather for this coming weekend is still a little too far out to forecast.  Check back here.

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