Sunday, March 19, 2017

Wet-like week ahead.

It has cooled off some, but we still had very pleasant weather on Saturday.  Fog starts us off this Sunday morning, and when that burns off it will reveal clouds.  We stay firmly in the 60s today.  The work week looks fun, with two different storm systems trying to impact our region.  There is rain to our north today and that should persist.  It does not move south until late on Monday, when the axis turns as the storm begins to move ashore.  It will bullseye to ur north, but we should see a decent amount of rain here in Santa Cruz.  It arrives late Monday and will be steady for a few hows overnight, then we see more sporadic showers during the day Tuesday and into Wednesday.

Actually, looking at the last 24 hours worth of GFS runs, it is hard to foretell what will happen mid week.  The latest run suggests about an inch of rain between Monday night and mid day Wednesday.  We see a short break from there until mid day Friday, but during this break, we could still have showers as the air mass will remain active.  Going into this next weekend, we could see a significant storm arriving Friday and building in strength towards night fall.  Over an inch if forecast to fall mid day Friday through the Sunday morning.  Then we see another break.  I say break, as the current models runs suggest more storms coming in next week.  All of this needs to be fine tuned, so check back here Monday morning for an update.

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