Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Spring Transistions

Spring does not begin for another two weeks, but as far as weather patterns go, we are in the spring transition period.  It is a difficult time of year to forecast more than a few days out.  What is even more interesting is how it can be fair in Santa Cruz and armageddon in the Sierra.  Sunday would be an example.  We spent the day romping around the Pogonip, occasionally feeling a cold drop of rain, but rarely two in a row.  Rainbows were the name of the game, and while it was quite chilly out, it was far from stormy.  That very same day the three hour drive from South Lake Tahoe to Concord took a friend 13 hours.  With Interstate 80 closed, the entire basin had to exit down 50, creating insane back ups.  Add to that swirling snow, strong winds, whiteout conditions and hidden (cause white on white is basically invisible) snow berms and things conspired to create one of the worst driving days of the winter.  And we were enjoying rainbows.

A good amount of snow fell in the Sierra.  Kirkwood was reporting upward of three feet.  With 88 closed in both directions, this sounds about right.  Ski resorts will be opening additional post storm terrain today.  It was a cold storm.  And while the sun and warmth of mid week will turn much of that to spring conditions by the weekend, we are in the midst of an epic winter.  I'd expect that it won't just be ceasing on the 20th.  Although, the rest of the work week certainly looks fair.  As well as the weekend.

Forecast trend is for the storm track to remain to our north in the PNW.  They should have a week of heavy precipitation.  The track moves north, allowing some warming into the upper 60s mid week, but by Friday, the tack dips a bit further south, suppressing warming.  Expect mid 60s Friday and Saturday, with possibly some brisk cool winds. Cooler on Sunday and Monday.  Mostly sunny through the period, but some clouds running over head possible Friday night.

Thursday we could be in the low 70s.  So, if you are craving a beach day, find a wind protected cove and get your tan on.  Regardless, it will be nice and warm.  Remember sunblock!

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