Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Mild, For Now.

Mild might be the wrong word.  We peaked at 84F on the west side yesterday with a full 5 hours above 80F.  Not too shabby for mid March and technically still in winter.  We were still at 56F at midnight last night and currently hovering at just about 50F.  Yesterday morning was a bit cooler. Today looks similiar.  Put on some sunblock and get out there and pick up some vitamin C.  This won't last for ever.  Summer will be here soon enough.  But before then, we will see a storm move through to our north this week, bringing rain to the northern portions of the state, and cooling us down a bit.  Wednesday and Thursday will drop down into the upper 60s, perhaps low 70s.  It will be 10-15 degrees cooler than today.  Noticeable.  But no rain for us locally.  Perhaps a bit more breeze.  There will be some clouds, and even fog for Wednesday.  Partly sunny and clearing on Thursday.

We rebound back into the low 70s for Friday with a mostly clear sky. Should be pleasant.  By Saturday, another system moves in from the north.  This one a bit closer.  We could see some breezy conditions and more cloud cover.  Rain is not likely here on the coast.  The Sierra could get some light rain and snow.  But, again, not likely. Clouds are though.  And some wind.  This system takes the weekend to move through.  After that we get barely a short break as we are looking at a possible return to rain as early as Monday night.

There are several systems lining up on the models for next week, with bigger, wetter systems for the middle of next week.  Nothing like the deluge of early this winter, but something to plan for.  Moderate rainfall for Central California and only very light rainfall for the still drought stricken portion of the state to our south.  At this point it looks to clear out by the weekend of March 24.  As we move through the next few days, we will start getting more details on these coming storms.  Winter is still here folks.  And spring can be quite wet as well.  If you recall, March 2011 was a very wet month.  And April, May and June continued to have strong storms that year.  Stay vigilant.

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