Saturday, March 25, 2017

Trending Dryer and Warmer.

A quick Saturday evening post.  The storm for tomorrow evening is still in the books, but it is look quite a bit dryer.  About a tenth of an inch, perhaps a little more, late at night, perhaps after midnight and before sunrise on Monday.  I know; run on.  It will likely remain cool on Monday, in the mid 60s or a little armer than Sunday.  The morning on Monday will still have clouds, but sun should increase by afternoon and the starts will shine Monday night.  It will be cool as well, in the mid to low 40s.

Tuesday is looking pretty nice right now.  As is Wednesday.  Models are suggesting high pressure and warmth in the 70s.  A wave moving through to our north might cool us a bit Thursday, but the rain is looking to stay well north.  And east.  As it still right now we could see another long period of dry and warm weather settling in.

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