Thursday, March 16, 2017

Summer or Winter?

It was a beautiful run of warm, sunny winter days, then, it seemed summer arrived, with fog moving in, and settling in the low spots.  The fog has burned off this afternoon, and a moderate NW wind has kicked up. So very summer.  This does not last long.  Even though we are fast approaching the final days of our winter, the season is not yet ready to give up it's grip.

It stays mild for the next few days.  Low 70s, upper 60s will be the range today and tomorrow, and through the weekend.  The first in a series of storms being pushed ashore will arrive late on Saturday.  This one will be mostly to our north, keeping things on the warmer side, and keeping any rainfall on the lighter side. We could see light showers pass through Saturday night, clearing Sunday morning. A tenth of an inch or so. Afternoon temps will settle more clearly in the upper 60s for both days.  The clouds never fully clear out before more move in on Monday, along with cooler air.  Highs will drop in the low to mid 60s.

The low Monday night will still hang in the low 50s, but likely overnight, or sometime Tuesday morning the second storm for the week should arrive.  It could be gusty winds out of the south, and moderate rainfall.  Not heavy rainfall, just a few tenths through the day and into Tuesday night, and into Wednesday, and perhaps Wednesday evening.  Totals could add up to 3/4 of an inch.  I'll watch this, as that is up from a few days ago.  And there is much more rain expected in coastal mountains north of Marin.  If that shifts south, it could be wetter.

Thursday morning looks like it will be in between storms.  It is going to hang off shore for a bit, to pick up some moisture, and make sure we have not forgotten what winter is like.  It comes ashore Thursday evening, and by Friday morning it looks like heavy rain here in Santa Cruz.  It currently looks like it will last through Friday night at least, with a total of a couple inches.  It won't clear, but slowly breakdown, during the day Saturday.  Sunday looks clear.  This storm is 7-9 days away, and it is spring time.  Confidence is low in the forecast, but certainly something to pay attention to.  If it does come to pass, we could see a return to driving issues in the state.  Stay tuned folks.  Here she comes for week.

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