Thursday, March 9, 2017


It hit 75F today on Walnut and King.  It was warm.  Gorgeous weather.  So lucky are we to get this break after such a long period of cold and rain.  The snow that fell on the Santa Lucia does not look like it lasted long.  It was thin and things got warm.  Expect the West Slope rivers to get up to speed with a March thaw over the next few days.  It will be about 70F along the coast, with it noticeably warmer in pockets just inland.  It hit 83F in Scotts Valley today, for instance.  The Central Valley was not as warm.  It is kind of the opposite as summer time.  The cold air in winter pools in the valley, and it takes a lot more energy to warm up that entire zone.  Lodi topped off at 76F.  Fun little fact that we tend to get the warmest warm days in winter, right down by the coast.  These warm days look to continue right through the start of next work week.  By mid week, we could see some cooling as the storm track tries t move south.  No real consensus on storms or weather a week out.  Slight chance a shift back to wetter weather by next Friday, March 15th, seems like the call at this point.  But, this stuff, now?  Enjoy.

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