Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Relax, It Is Still Winter.

This sunshine is amazing.  It has coupled with a colder air mass, best felt early in the morning.  It is currently 37F out side my house at 6:45AM.  Crispy, as my son likes to say.  Things warm up nicely through the middle of the day with that abundant sun shine.  Mid 60s is the call for today.  Tuesday hit 66.6F.  Scary, eh?  Similiar weather continues through the work week.  There is not much swell in the water, and the winds are kind of spring like out of the northwest, but the weather will be fine.  And morning conditions decent.  There is a little bit of early season south out there if you are up for chasing waves.

By Friday, we begin to see a system push out of the Gulf of Alaska, bringing brisk winds on Saturday and wet weather by Sunday.  The models keep ramping this one up, and we could be looking at a half to nearly and inch of rain late in the weekend.  The storm currently looks like it will wrap itself up prior to sunrise on Monday.  The commute could be rough, but after 10 days with less than a quarter inch of rain, the ground might be ready to absorb much of that water as it falls.  How cool would that be?

Models keep flipping around, but next week I think will be mostly dry again.  Like I said, models keep flipping, which is not an oddity as we move into spring.  It does look like by the following weekend, we could see a return to rain and storms.  As it is March, and we are looking at fantasy models, I do not hold any confidence for anything after next Monday.  For now, enjoy the sun, mid day warmth and prepare for rain on Sunday.  

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