Friday, January 23, 2015

About to bake. And big surf, too.

Solid swell is running about 8@20s right now, and building.  Not a huge swell, but solid.  So is the weather for the weekend.  Seriously, I feel confident somewhere in town will pop 80F on Sunday.  Likely a south facing cinder block wall, on asphalt in a protected corner of town.  Not that we expect a whole lot of breeze.  Pumping surf tonight and on Sunday, with slight moderation in size on Sunday.  Still plenty of sizable surf.  Monday will be cooler as our high pushes a bit east and moisture moves in from Mexico into SoCal.  Tuesday, even we could see rain, but more likely we will have temps back in the 60s, south breeze, cloud cover and some marine layer.  Yuck.

Surf and sunsets are on tap for the weekend.

By midweek, we will see some more high pressure fill in.  Hoping that a low pressure breaks down the high the first week of February.  We need rain.  Unfortunately, winter is likely to block us from getting the much needed precipitation.  More on that later.  Gotta go outside and play.  You should too.

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