Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Storm's a bust.

Good news and bad news all wrapped up in one, with a silver lining to appease.  We are in for some nice weather for the coming weekend, but we could really use the water.  That silver lining will be some heavy rain falling in the northwest corner of the state.  In fact, some rain should get as far south as Half Moon Bay.  An inch to several inches north of Westport, and reaching as far inland as Shasta.  The Trinity Alps could get hammered.  Clouds for the Tahoe Basin, with perhaps a dusting.  But looks like nothing will get over the Santa Cruz Mountains, as the bulk of this system hits the PNW coast.  In fact Cascades could be looking at five to seven inches of precipitation stretching from Northern California all the was into Canada.  That is a lot of water.  Could give their ski season a real nice jolt of goodness.  Let's look at the details for this coming week, here in good old sunny Santa Cruz.

Cold mornings slowly become more mild as we move through the coming weekend.  Low 40s on the West Side tomorrow, upper 40s by Sunday.  Afternoons warm through Saturday from the mid 60s today to the mid 60s plus for the weekend.  I'm not seeing 70s, let alone upper 60s, but hey, we still have a few days to warm up.  But very pleasant weather none the less.  We could see a bit of marine layer develop, which would mean high morning fog.  We saw it yesterday.  Even if that does happen though, it won't be long lived.  And light variable winds turn more northwest to north over the weekend.  Still not strong, and likely enough to only effect ocean surfaces on the exposed coast.  Nice swell in the water this afternoon and through the rest of the work week.  More to fill in over the weekend and into next week.  Looks like some nice surf weather.

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