Monday, January 12, 2015

Trending Drier.

Ah, come on.  I really want some more real rain.  In fact, the rain water I collected from the last set of systems is nearly all used up already irrigating the winter garden.  Things are really starting to look like last January.  Anyway, here is the scoop.  Still got a ways to go, but the next few days will trend slightly warmer.  If you get outside in the middle of the day, and get some sunshine, it really does feel quite nice.  A new swell arrives on Wednesday, kicking us back into the head high range here in town.  Offshore conditions set up, with a nice NE flow settling in through Friday.  This morning, the GFS joined in with the Euro and pretty much keeps us dry this coming weekend.  The Canadian still has a little bit of moisture coming our way.  Anyway, we still have a few days to go before I have much confidence in anything, but the models have been trending drier over the past few days.

Monarch Nation.

And while we have now gone a few weeks without any significant rain, it does not mean that you can not get out there and find some waterfalls running.  Or mud to slosh about in.  There is still a whole lot of water draining off the mountains, keeping the wet spots wet.  The lower Pogonip, for example.  So, you may want to get out there this week, enjoy the great weather on tap, and get a hike in.  Surf is still looking fun, if a bit smaller.  A new solid swell arrives Wednesday and Thursday is looking to be pretty damn fun, with overhead long period swell, moderate tides and offshore winds.  If that is not your thing, well, the MTB trails are setting back up in the tacky, but not too wet range, so you might want to get out an d peddle a bit.  Good weather for a kayak paddle as well.  The ocean life is active.  Really, just get out and play.  I'll keep you posted on this weekend.  Pray for rain.

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