Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hope you like your whine dry.

If you are like me, you enjoy some rain.  Or inclement weather.  And look toward the eastern shores right now and are jealous of pictures of kids kicking it in snowshoes.  Don't get me wrong.  This is nice, today being the coolest, cloudiest day of the week.  A southerly flow kept a marine layer up high early this morning, giving us a slate of grey.  Texture began to show mid morning, and by afternoon, blue was poking through a plenty to insure a pretty damn nice sunset.  Waves are still up (though much smaller than the past few days), so the ocean spray can add to the fun.  Felt a touch warmer this morning with the cloud cover.  May get that effect again tomorrow.  Flow is still southerly.  Tomorrow we get a more neutral flow, more sun, and a touch more warmth.  Looks like we won't get as nice of a warm up as last weekend.  Could have happened, but just as the high starts to se up on Wednesday, a low pressure moves through just to our north.  We might see some clouds, but rain is not at all likely.  It will keep us from warming up, and temps will hold in the mid to upper 60s through the week.

Surf continues.  Sunsets every day!  What could be better?

High pressure again gains control on Friday and we will warm into the upper 60s for the weekend.  I mean, not much of a change.  After that we will have some variations to the dry pattern to describe, but things look pretty static through the first week of February.  The depression carving itself out on the east coast will basically hold our dry high in place.  Depressions try to break it down by the second week of February, but they will have a hard time with it.  Man, now you can imagine why I said whine.  Boo.  Sure, this weather is great, but I do want to play in the snow at some point.  And puddles as well.  Things are drying up, and it is already January.  What started feeling like a good winter, has just then gone up and stopped.  If we don't start seeing sustained very wet weather, expect heavy use restrictions starting in spring.  SOme communities may find themselves is dire need.

Pray for rain.  Wash the car.  Put out the lawn furniture.  Open the windows.  Whatever voodoo you do use to make some rain.  Please.  In the meantime, enjoy the wonderful weather.

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