Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cloak of Invulnerability

I mean, seems like nothing can touch us.  Friday morning, a system dipped south of us.  We actually recorded a brief drizzle.  Enough to leave a few drops to count on the wind shield.  Today, a system moves through to our north.  Later in the weekend, a system drops to our east.  We basically remain dry.  And fairly calm through the middle of next week.  A brief shot of north west breezes on Monday as high pressure regains its composure.  Imagine yourself being punched on your lower, up and right flank.  You might crumple.  Not this guy.  It pushes back from the west and begins to pump in the pressure.  Unfortunately, it will not generate as much warmth as last week.  I guess I sure like it warm when it is dry, and cold when it is wet.  Anyway.  Low 60s for the weekend and mid 60s for next week.

Damp forest floor.  Lighthouse Field.  Santa Cruz.

GFS still is showing a wet storm actually impacting our region next weekend.  I've got to say, I have little confidence in this thing still a week out.  I am hopeful.  Just not confident.  It basically looks like a one-two hit right now.  Or rather, one and a half hit.  Anyhoo, if things play out as modeled this morning, we could expect some cooling by next Friday, increasing clouds and a chance of rain as early as Saturday.  The system is a slow moving, possibly hanging around until Monday.  That is the one part.  The two part would be a colder, much drier system to effect us through the middle of the week.  Not too much to talk about right now, other than speculation.  Yet, it does look like another dose of cold air could follow the systems as high pressure again sets up, but with a distinctly north flow.  Ultimately, not really enough of a system to excuse the rest of the month of rain. We need a hell of a lot more than what thee two may bring.  At least other parts of the state are getting precipitation this weekend.  Hell, it is even snowing (lightly) up at Kirkwood right now.  Even the mountains near L.A. are expecting a bullseye inch of rain this weekend.  So, there is that.

I'll keep you updated.  In the meantime, enjoy the surf.  It is pretty darn nice out there this weekend.

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