Thursday, January 22, 2015

Monsoonal type rain possible for early next week. Please.

Not exactly a snow maker, but we may have a little luck in getting some more water sitting on our reservoirs.  Wouldn't that be nice.  But not until we have four days in the 70s, with sunshine and a pumping north west swell.  Santa Cruz is about to go off.  Light winds to boot, so the surface condition should be good all day.  If you are a novice, or even and intermediate, you may prefer to spectate.  Hell, if you want a show, Mavs will be breaking pretty large by Friday afternoon.  And holding still at first light Saturday morning.  Things should drop back down into the large range by Sunday.  If you plan to hit the beaches, especially with small children, please be aware of the long 20 second plus period swell arriving tomorrow.  Those waves pack a hell of a lot of water punch, and can travel far up beaches, and up and over headland cliffs.  Just keep your eyes open.

If I were a tweeter, I would have tweeted that we had some decent clouds to today for a sunset fun.  

Anyhow, the warmth peaks on Sunday in the upper 70s.  Monday should hang in the low 70s, but as the high pressure begins to move east, a pile of moisture hanging out off southern Baja, acting all tropical and shit, will aim to take the highs place.  Rain moves into the state from the south Monday evening.  Southern California could be looking at a half inch or more in places.  Showers should move up through the Sierra, especially on the east side.  Depending on how all this plays out, we could also see some action.  Nothing really to forecast yet.  Just keeping an eye out.  Likely getting set back up under a high pressure by next Thursday, and still seeing some activity from the northwest starting to possibly bring significant rain around the start of February.

For now, some epic mid winter conditions out there.  Get out and enjoy it, because we may be in for a serious pattern change in the coming weeks.  Nothing set in stone, or even jotted down in pencil, yet.  But you don't want to miss this weekend if you can avoid it.

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