Friday, January 9, 2015

Fair Weekend and Solid Surf.

Not a whole lot to report on today.  A bit cooler than earlier in the week.  Still have light winds and the ocean surface is glassy.  A solid swell is in the water today, and as that tide drops through the afternoon, more fun surf should show through town.  Up north it is well over head, with some 10-12 footers rolling through on occasion.  And it has some juice.  Great weekend of surf is on tap.  Highs today should top in the low 60s.  Overnight lows in the mid 40s.  Slight cooling through Sunday, and then slight warming through Wednesday.  Likely you won't really notice the difference.  Great weather to get outside and do some work.  Or go for a hike.  Or ride.  It is winter, and we will likely see some more rain sooner or later.  Maybe even MLK weekend.  Until then, expect fair weather and some surf.  A new swell arrives for Monday, and while not as large, should keep us in the head high range.  Another arrives late on Wednesday.  So, for the surfers out there, things are looking good.  More to come.

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