Thursday, January 29, 2015

Blah, blah, blah, dry... but the weekend is sure looking nice.

Today felt warm.  Or warmer than I expected.  Got a reading of 72F at Westlake this afternoon.  And it was supposed to be cool today, due to that low moving ashore to our north.  Well that thing is showing up weak and well north.  North of Vancouver Island north.  The high pressure remains amplified.  NOAA has not pulled up on temps in its forecast for Friday, but it is coming on line for a more sustained warmth starting Saturday.  Could be another ten days before we see any precipitation.  We are seeing a decent bought of northwest winds out over the ocean waters this afternoon.  I'm thinking there may be a little developing marine layer in areas overnight tonight.  If that does occur, it will clear early, and we will hang in the mid 60s during the day.  Less marine layer means a bit warmer.  Similiar to today.  The northwest flow is not easily working into the bay or town, which allows for the warming.  Typically, in summer, that wind penetrates more, and helps keep things feeling breezy.  I love winter.  What a gorgeous day it is out there today.  And will be tomorrow.  And the next, and the next, and the next.  Until we are begging and pleading for any drop at all.

Swell is back on the rise in town for the next few days.  Smaller than last weekend's, but still fun.

Starting this weekend, we could develop a warm period, with off shore breezes.  At least in the mornings.  This will allow us to be hanging just about 70F off the water, and a touch cooler at the beaches.  Certainly not like last Sunday, but warm enough to go play at the beach.  And Sustained.  Basically, it looks like lows around 45F and highs around 70F, or a few degrees cooler, until the end of next week.  The models after that are interesting to look at, but nothing at all is feeling pegged down.  Time will tell.

A swell has been filling in today, but it is quite a bit smaller than last weekend's.  Still, this evening should see 5-6 foot at 17-19 seconds.  And the sets are likely spaced out due to it's origin being the far Eastern Pacific.  Still, when they come, they will pack some power and size.  And will generally travel farther inland.  Be aware if you are headed near the water.  By this weekend, things should subside from the peak on Friday, but still pay the ocean respect.  And go enjoy a mid winter beach day.  

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