Monday, January 26, 2015

Very slight chance of rain helps deliver quality sunsets.

That about sums it up there.  Monsoonal type moisture is currently moving north from off of Baja, Mexico, into SoCal today.  Upper elevations could see a few inches of snow above 7500 feet.  Rain showers will easily push north along the eastern slope of the Sierra, with some spillover onto the west slope and into the Central Valley.  Highly unlikely we will see any precipitation this far north along the coast, although light rain could fall in the Salinas Valley and points south along the coast.  The Sierra could be looking at two to ten inches of snow, along the crest, from about Tahoe south. Greatest accumulations should be near Mammoth Lakes.  That should all move east by Tuesday.  In fact, we se our best chance at rain from about 4am until 10 am on Tuesday.  Still, we have a sky full of broken clouds, which basically is what you want for epic sunset conditions.  Last night the sunset was quite pretty with some wispy clouds off of the Monterey Peninsula.  Expect a much more awesome show tonight.

Pumping surf, warm days and beautiful sunsets.  Winter is awesome.

Cooler today than the weekend.  Still should top out about 70F.  Tuesday will be even cooler, with the high for the day in the mid 50s.  Winds will be light from the south, helping keep us well within the cloud cover.  By Wednesday, everything will have pushed east, and we will once again get started on a warming trend.  High pressure, a clear sky, and plenty of fun waves through the week.  We could even be back in an off shore flow by Thursday.  By the weekend, we could be back up to about 70F.  Warm, but nothing like yesterday is expected at this point.  So basically, a very slight chance of rain tonight.  Clouds for Monday and Tuesday.  Back to sunshine on humpday.

That rain for early February does not look likely at this point.  A big trough is setting up along the east coast, and will block our high from heading that way.  Nothing for sure yet, but looks like we may need a while yet.  Surf looks good through the next week, and the weather will be nice, so maybe focus on that and not worry about the water too much.  It will come.  It always does.

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