Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Who needs a warm up?

Well, if it ain't gonna rain, mind as well warm up and go offshore.  We have had this onshore flow for a day now, and I am ready to move back to the off shore flow.  Marine layer is pulled in during the morning hours with this new set up.  Boo.  Makes for a chill until that sun breaks through.  Looks like we will clear a bit earlier today.  Sun is already poking through west side.  Afternoons are quite pleasant, and the sun sets are surreal.  Okay, I guess not surreal, but I liked how it flowed.  Really nice is more like it.  The sunsets are really nice.  King tides are super full mid to late mornings, making for a way pulled out ocean in the afternoons.  Worth go down water side and poking around the muscle beds.  Especially with those really nice sunsets we are having.

Sunset Season.

Anyway, onshore flow continues through Wednesday.  Low 40s and mid 60s for the temperature range.  Fog in the mornings.  By Thursday, the high pressure begins to make a shift and set us up for some off shore flow and a warming trend.  By Friday we could hit 70F here in town.  Even warmer as we move through the weekend.  And while we won't likely be getting anywhere near 80F, I would not be surprised if we are hitting the upper 70s by next Monday.  At least, that is how the high pressure bubble is looking to go right now.  As for rain, yeah, not a whole lot of that expected anytime soon.  There is a suggestion of a significant pattern change toward the end of the month.  Currently modeled as a wet system approaching from the south, followed by a stronger and wetter northerly storm.  Both look pretty warm as of now, so more rain than mountain snow.  Not a whole lot of confidence in things ten days out, but just stating there is a chance.  More later.  And on the coming big swell for the weekend.

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