Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Kind of mind boggling.

I'll get to the boggle in a minute.  Still on track for a warm up this week.  Upper 60s on Thursday, so a good bit warmer than yesterday, and a bit warmer than today.  Overnight lows also begin to climb and will begin to hover in the mid 40s.  Low 70s on Friday, and mid to upper 70s for the weekend.  Currently, the warmer trend builds until Sunday when we will be in the upper 70s.  Thing to remember is this:  Winter days are short, and that listed high temp will be brief, in the sun and only at the very peak of the day.  With the sun low in the sky, that temp drops off in the afternoon, and quickly around sunset.  Which is only a few minutes after 5:15 this week.  Super low tide again tonight.  Go explore.  Few clouds, so the sunsets are only really nice right now.  Will need to wait for spectacular until we get some more moisture.

Wintertime. West Cliff Drive.  

Off shore flow beginning on Friday will keep us high and dry and clear of any morning marine layer.  A large very long period west-northwest swell arrive late on Thursday.  Initial periods are in excess of twenty seconds.  Beware of sneaker sets around and just after sunset.  Long period swells tend to travel well up headlands and beaches, and have been known to knock people off cliffs.  Friday should be a solid day of surf with about 8 feet of swell in the 18-19 second period range.  SUrf should be real good along west cliff on the lower tides.  Keep an eye on the ocean, and use caution when approaching.  This is not a huge swell, but the biggest we have had in a while.  Great beach days and fun surf continue through the weekend.

What is up in the air is how the high pressure continues into next week.  Some models suggest continued warmth.  Some suggest a return to the upper 60s, which is more typical for a warm spell this time of year.  None suggest rain.  In fact, the models have really backed off on rain storms for the turn of the month.  They basically still have them there, but they do a much better job of avoiding Central California.  Nothing to fret about yet, but it does boggle my mind how well the storms seem to have avoided us since the beginning of the year.  They all seem to travel just north, east, south or west of us.  Something to watch.  For now, enjoy the warming weather.  It is super nice out there.

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