Sunday, December 6, 2015

Big Swell.

As a kid, when we would see an abnormally large set coming our way, one of us would yell, "tsunami swell!"  And we would all scratch for the horizon.  Given this was in southern Maine, it was likely not exceeding eight feet.  The waves that are arriving this evening was of a whole different caliber.  West Cliff may not be huge on Monday, as the bulk of the energy is coming from the north, but it will be plus sized.  Big long period swell is arriving overnight.  One of the bigger swells we have scene in years.  Go on down and enjoy the show, but always stay a safe distance from the water.  And never turn your back on the ocean.  She will whip you.  Swell should peak in the morning hours, along with the high tide.  Expect some coastal flooding and erosion tomorrow.  As the tide pulls out, the swell will still remain large, and there could be some solid surf in the afternoon.  Again, this is the real deal, so use your head.  Know if you belong out in the waves.  Ig you are looking for something a little bit more manageable, there is a mile of points east of 41st Avenue that will have less size.  But, then again, it will be much larger in that zone than typical.  And there are a few spots that can toss you onto the reef.  So, again, use your head.

A fun day in August.  Monday is going to be much, much, much larger.

Other than that, not a whole lot to report.  Thursday still looks wet.  Sunday does as well.  There was a model run this afternoon that made it look like it would stay north, but moved back toward a wet solution on the 18hr run.  Fine tuning as we get closer, but rain arriving late morning Thursday.  Half inch plus in town.  Inch plus in the hills.  By Friday afternoon.  Heavy showers Thursday afternoon.  Could be a bad evening commute.  Showers lasting into Friday.  We could see the sun return on Saturday and offer a nice day.  Mild.  Even Sunday could begin fair, but a colder, slightly drier storm could push down from the north during the day.  Rain likely in the evening, through Monday morning.  But more on that later.  Look for some big surf tomorrow and an epically splashy sunset.

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