Sunday, December 13, 2015

Raining today

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday.  I drove up to the snow to see how it looks.  Kirkwood now has opened Chair 10 and has all of its frontside terrain open for the season.  Best place to go for steep riding right now.  Anyway, I got home late, and tired.  So.  There is rain today.  Moving in much quicker than previously forecast.  I just took a look at the GFS, and based on that, we should expect showery weather during the day, with the heaviest rain coming after dark and through midnight.  Up to an inch and more in the mountains.   Rain clears out by morning, so while the  roads will be wet Monday morning, the windshield won't be so much.  Cool though.  This one has a much colder air mass associated with it.

Upper 50s today and clouds keep tomorrow morning from dipping much below 40.  Through Wednesday we stay in the 50s and see overnight lows dropping into the mid 30s and creeping toward that freezing mark.  It will be crisp for sure.  More to come.  Possible storm next weekend.

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