Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year's Eve

A little warmer out there this morning.  Only dropped to about 40F last night on the west side.  A bit cooler downtown.  But nothing like the past two mornings when it dropped down to freezing at our home.  The roof tops all around were crusted in white frost.  It almost had looked like it had snowed.  Almost.  We have a few more days of cold temperatures and dry times before we begin to see a shift back to a stormier, and slightly warmer, pattern.  Enjoy this sunshine while you can, as we are starting to see the engine of El Nino turning over.  It could be a very wet period coming up as storms begin to undercut the Rex Block to our north and west.  Let us look at some of the details.

Coverage is in at Kirkwood.  More snow coming for next week.  Game on.

Middle weekend, we begin to see a low pressure system develop to our west, displacing the high pressure just a bit to our north.  This first system will have a hard time moving ashore, and likely we will we see little, if any rain from this one.  Just some increasing winds on Sunday, as the storm looks like it will dive south and finally move east south of the border.  Northern Baja should get plenty of rain, with a little wrap around for SoCal.  Possibly a passing rain shower for us early Monday morning as the system bypasses the Central Coast.  But that is not all, as there is a second system hot on its tail and the door will have been pushed ajar by the first system.  That should allow number two to steam roll us.

The good news is it will be a little warmer.  The bad news is that it won't feel that way due to the lack of sunshine.  Rain looks like it should first show later in the day on Tuesday.  It will start off light, then turn moderate over night into Wednesday.  Then it should lighten up again overnight into Thursday.  And stick around through Friday, when we might see another short wave moving through.  Of course, all of this is still quite speculative at this point.  So, we will need to come back to these forecasts over the next few days.  Still, the general idea is that it will be a return to wetter weather next week.  Hope you enjoyed the sun.

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