Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Not much change this evening.  It is going to rain Thursday.  Read yesterday's post if you wish.  Models do have it arriving perhaps a little earlier, and bring perhaps a bit more rain.  But not a whole lot of change.  Rain could begin overnight Wednesday, into Tuesday morning.  You should be prepared for rain by know.  Slickers and such.  Yard picked up.  It will be windy Thursday, with southwesterly gusts.  As it is now, we have wet weather through the Tuesday, with perhaps not rain on Saturday.  Then more is forecast to come in next Friday.  So, yeah, rain is on the way.  I misspoke yesterday when I evoked El Nino, as these things, as pointed out elsewhere, are cold.  More of the La Nina varietal.  Anyway, be ready for rain.  More details tomorrow.

Round Top on Thanksgiving.  About to get several more feet of snow.

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