Thursday, December 10, 2015


I'm listening to a report on the emergency preparedness of the Bonny Doon community.  It makes for a nice El Nino story, for sure.  In fact, there is some indication that the El Nino pattern will kick into gear later this month.  For now, we will need to suffer through these mellow, cooler storms.  A third of an inch here on the west side so far.  Rain began around 5AM, and lasted through 7:30.  There are more bands out there, so I don't think we are done with this wave.  Watch the sky, and be ready for showers and rain throughout the day.  Kind of expect the heaviest, most sustained rains are behind us for today.  We have already received 2/3  of the forecast amount for Thursday.  Cool air is moving in with the front, so we won't see much warmer beyond the 57F we have right now.

 GFS still forecasting another band arriving tomorrow morning.  I'd be willing to gamble that it too will arrive a little early, and before sunrise.  NOAA is calling for lighter totals tomorrow, but not their model.  Regardless, it should start off wet.  A break for Saturday.  It will definitely be worth getting out.  The local  mountains will get enough to get the waterfalls going again.  There will be puddles to stomp.  Perhaps enough cloud break to make for a wonderful sunrise and sunset.  And with more rain on the way, along with increasing  confidence in prolonged rain, take every moment you get to get out and about this winter.  It is going to be a big one.

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