Monday, December 14, 2015

Crisp, then warmer, then wetter...

Cold out there right now in the early morning hours.  36.6F to be exact.  Tomorrow morning will be even colder.  The day will be mild and stick in the upper 50s.  Still, it will feel much warmer than yesterday, with the sun coming out today.  By Thursday, we should see some warming and climb back up into the low 60s.  We also see some upper level clouds returning.  Lows climb into the low 40s. By Friday, the ceiling begins to lower  and we see a pretty good chance of rain coming on Saturday.  This one is looking like a very swift mover, and dropping maybe a third of an inch.  Nothing like yesterday's .86 inches that fell, but still a little more wet weather.  It should clear out of here for Sunday, but another several waves are hot on its heels.

Kirkwood looking tasty on Sunday after the first two feet of new snow.

Still way to far out to tell for sure, and each model run has slightly different ideas.  Sometime around next Monday a series of very wet storms could impact California.  We are looking at seven day QPF exceeding ten inches in the wettest locations, and several inches here in Santa Cruz.  SOmething to get ready for.  Luckily there won't be a lot of folks doing the commute as it will hit during the holiday week that many businesses are closed.  Keep an eye on these systems.  If they come, these are they type that knock out power, blow down trees, flood low lying areas and create general havoc.  More to come.

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