Thursday, December 24, 2015

Lunch Break.

The sun is out there wight now.  A big swath of blue is out on the west side.  Nice time for a stroll to pick up some bread, a cup of coffee, or get yourself under the canopy in the Pogonip before more rain moves in.  We got a few tenths this morning, and are expecting a few more this evening.  Looking at the radar, there are more bands on the way.  Looking at the sky, it is still mostly grey.  I'd not expect this sun to last much longer than an extended lunch break.  Not quite a Don Draper lunch break, but like if you ask your boss for a little extra time because business is slow and the surf is up.  Not that it is today.  South winds have done their job of keeping families together today.  We are looking at an extended period of sunshine after this.  Sure, there are a few chances for a light sprinkle coming, but other than that, two weeks of sun sounds kind of nice.  More coming.

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