Thursday, December 3, 2015

'bout a quarter inch

Just about a quarter inch around here on the west side.  A good half inch once you get yourself up into the local mountains.  Almost an inch of rain fell in San Lorenzo Park near Boulder Creek.  Quarter inch around Watsonville.  Seemed like this round really favored the hills.  It came down pretty good near my house, starting at about 11AM until just before noon.  It took a break, and then it came down in sheets for five or ten minutes just before 1PM.  It was an impressive torrent.  Clouds are still thick as of 8PM, and we could see a few light showers, especially on the slopes, before it wraps itself up tonight.  Westerlies are blowing this evening, but should lighten by morning.  So should the cloud cover.  Tomorrow looks nice with mostly sun, and warming up to the low 60s.

A cooler morning on Saturday, due to the clear sky, but we should be looking at mid 40s and low 60s as the range as we look into next week.  Maybe a passing shower Sunday afternoon.  Another chance again Wed/Thurs of next week.  And another chance on Friday.  Definitely worth monitoring.  Tomorrow looks like a powder day for Tahoe.  Places like Kirkwood, that already have a solid base, will be riding nice Friday.  A warm up on Saturday will take its toll on quality of surface conditions, but with more showers in the forecast, it should not matter too much.  We still need to build that base.

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