Friday, January 1, 2016

And the year begins...

Almost felt like we would get some rain this afternoon.  I know that it did rain on Wednesday over by Montebello, Mt Eden and Ridge.  Or, so I was told.  Saturday will be a cold one again. It was weird this morning. Temps had dropped to the low 30s by 4AM, but began to rise to near 40F around 6:30, only to drop back into the low 30s again by 7:30, slowly rising to 40F around 10AM.  It was chilly out there.  It never quite hit 53F today on the west side.  Cold.  More of the same tomorrow.  The cloud cover does not help much during the day, but may keep low temps a few degrees warmer tomorrow morning.  By tomorrow night we are seeing a chance of rain.  NOAA is calling for 60% chance by Sunday, but looking at the models, I am not sure that I see that.  What they might be referring to is wrap around precipitation ahead of the main cold front which should sweep through later in the day.  Rain looks likely in the evening on Sunday, into Monday morning.  It should be fairly light, except in coastal hills.  This cold front could get a reinforcing wave of moisture later Monday morning.  It will all depend on the track of the system as it breaks apart approaching the current high pressure.  Areas south look likely to get more precipitation, as the low finally moved inland to our south.  Wow.

So maybe not much of a rain maker.  But round two arrive Tuesday night, with rain looking likely into Wednesday.  Round three arrives sometime around Thursday.  We are looking at several inches of rain next week, with some periods of heavy rain.  Rain is in the forecast at least Sunday through Thursday.  Perhaps longer.  We will see three, four or even up to six inches of rain here along the coast by next Friday afternoon.  Yes that is a lot.  Get prepared. Waken from your holiday and egg nog induced slumber.  Find that rain gear again.  El Nino is coming by to pay us a visit.

Inclement weather could continue week 2 and into mid month.  Time will tell.  It will be worth getting organized tomorrow.  I planted some lettuce, pea and carrot seeds today.  I'll try to get my garlic in tomorrow.  After that the ground is going to get wet  and will be not worth working.  Details coming as these systems approach.  For now, I'd expect next Wednesday to be a hum dinger.

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