Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Weak Sauce.

It was a pretty damn nice day out there.  I never saw any rain.  I heard some in the early morning.  What amounted to about a third of an inch.  So, not that much weaker than expected.  But there was absolutely no post frontal rains as the high pressure was clearly in control today.  Made for a great day out there.  Looks like the next few storms are likely to encounter the same dominant high pressure and seriously weaken as they move ashore.  Makes for better weather, but less water.  We still see an Atmospheric River developing in the long term models.  For now, a day of rain, a few days of sun.  Thursday is looking nice, if a bit crisp to start.  The morning will have a decent amount of sunshine, but before things warm up too much, clouds will likely fill back in.  The GFS is holding off until about midnight for light rain to seep through our area.  Estimates are back down at less than a quarter inch.  There is a good chance it won't effect the morning commute, except perhaps over the hill.  Clouds, and low 60s on Friday.

Again, the rain event for Saturday is looking weaker as it approaches the coastal high.  Another light event.  A break Saturday night into Sunday morning, with more rain Sunday night into Monday morning, followed by a break Monday evening, followed by rain Tuesday, followed by a break, before more rain perhaps on Thursday night. A run on weather.  I will try to get more details as we get closer, but today was a lot nicer than expected. Enjoy tomorrow, and plan for a chance of showers by evening, although that is not likely.  Do the same for Friday morning.  Expect a rainy day of sorts on Saturday.

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