Monday, January 4, 2016

A good overnight rain.

The best rains come over night and are gone by morning.  It will not be quite like that with this storm, but not too far off.  But first, Monday had a mildly wet morning with about two tenths of precipitation in town, falling mostly before 10AM.  Felton was a good bit wetter tallying six tenths, and Boulder Creek got even more pushing three fourths of an inch.  Nothing super exciting, but certainly a nice start to a wet week.  Tonight we will see more rain filling in.  We have already had a few showers since night fall in the area.  A cold front will sweep in from the west after midnight, and will quickly drop some moderate totals.  Basically, we will have some very heavy rain in the early morning hours, perhaps approaching an inch of by day break.  Yup, and inch, mostly falling between 12AM and 6AM.  So, expect some urban and small stream flooding.  That is a big load, in a short period of time, for the earth to suck in.  Especially after the light to moderate wetting it got today.  Not really talking mudslide city here, but use caution when approaching those areas you know to typically flood.

Rain lightens considerably in the morning hours.  It would not be crazy to see some cracks of blue in the afternoon.  Cracks.  Showery weather basically persists through Tuesday.  It won't get too cold tonight, staying in the 50s.  It won't get too warm tomorrow, staying in the 50s.  Another round of rain expected to fill in early Wednesday.  Lingering into Thursday.  Then perhaps, kind of sort of a break by Friday.  Actually, Friday looks like the best day for solar radiation this week.  

Arriving shortly after the burst of rainfall tomorrow morning will be the arrival of a large, long period swell.  This is not an off the hook, go grab your board type of thing, as local conditions will be brutal with gusty south westerly winds that will fill in tonight with the storm.  Winds shift more south easterly during the day, but by then the damage will be done with the discordant south wind swell crossing up the building northwest event.  Still, it will be fun to watch from a safe distance, as the fifteen foot at twenty second swell will be pushing waves into the twenty foot range.  Could be fun victory at sea to watch.  And maybe we will get lucky enough to see some select spots break well.

Rain just started to fall in the last ten minutes.  Sounds consistent.

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