Friday, January 22, 2016

Strong start.

Wave one showed up around 4:30AM, and has dropped almost half an inch in two hours.  With the already saturated soils, it is going to be a wet one out there today.  Watch out for urban flooding and small stream over flow.  There is a lot of water loading going on today.  Other than a heavier start to the rains, there is not much of a change from yesterday's forecast.  This is a slower moving system, so expect a lot of rain to fall today and tonight, with some lingering into the day on Saturday.  What is interesting this morning is seeing how much the temperature dropped with the rain fall.  Around 4AM, the temps was near 58F, but now it is 53F.  Not freezing, but still, a quick drop in temps.  The cold front associated with the core of the storm is not expected until later this evening, so it is hard to tell what is causing the drop.  Sometimes in heavy precip, temperatures will drop, only to rise when light rain or snow occurs.  Anyway, still on track.  And we are still looking at the potential of a cold, strong storm arriving for next weekend.  Stay tunes and stay cozy.

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