Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tomorrow is a surf day.

Sunshine, light off shore breezes, and a building westerly swell.  Should be a very fun day, even with a swampy high tide mid day.  And the weather is gorgeous.  Someone today called it spring like.  Not sure about that.  It was still pretty crisp this morning.  And this is Santa Cruz.  It just does not get that bad out there.  Still, I do have to admit, that this sun does feel very fine.  Get it through Thursday.  Models are returning to a wetter solution for Friday night and this weekend.  But first, check out the forecast for Wednesday.  High temps in the upper 60s.  Yes.  It will be a fantastic winter day out there folks.  We might even hang on to just enough atmospheric moisture to have a few clouds lingering at sunset.  With the low tide, and filling swell, West Cliff will have quite a show in the early evening.  Things will be a touch cooler Thursday, and highs in the low 60s by Friday.

East coast summer time fun.  It is a bit whiter there this afternoon.

This storm is not a cold on.  Even Saturday should hit 60F.  Clouds will fill in Friday, with chances for showers in the evening.  It might arrive earlier than evening, but this far out it is too hard to tell.  It will be slow moving, so shower should stick around through at least Saturday, with a chance for a second wave on Sunday.  By Sunday, colder air arrives, with lows dropping into the low 40s and highs in the upper 50s.  Weather should break to start the week, but a few weakening systems break through mid week, before high pressure re-establishes itself for Superbowl Weekend.  More details tomorrow.  Get out there and enjoy the day.

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