Monday, January 25, 2016

An Explanation.

That golden orb in the sky is the sun.  One will be able to see it for the next several days in a row.  You may recall having seen it before in early December.  It has been quite the run.  So far this season, we have seen about twenty feet of snow fall on the Sierra Crest.  Just over this last storm, we got about 1.75 inches of rain in Santa Cruz.  Now we have the sun shining, and perhaps a little warmth developing.  You would not have guessed that this morning.  It was chilly. That thing called the sun will be dominant for the next several days.  There is some question regarding where an AR will develop late in the work week.  Likely heavy rain to our north, but will need to monitor.  By Sunday, cold air pushes the precip south and we should get some decent rain.  With a variety of wet type weather behind it.  More details as we get closer.  For now, get out there and enjoy this sunshine.

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