Tuesday, January 5, 2016

That was some water.

Approaching a two inch storm total here on the west side of Santa Cruz.  Almost looks like I got more than that in my yard, but not in an actual gauge.  My son and I decided we needed to get one soon.  Paradise Park got just shy of two inches since midnight.  Ben Lomond is reporting two and a half.  The west side gauge I typically check is a bit east of here, and not on as much of a slope.  It has recorded 1.48" since midnight and .49" from yesterday.  A look at the sky, and at the radar, suggest more will come through in just a bit.  The radar also suggests that points south, especially LA, are getting hammered right now.  Bring it on.  Wet us down.  Our walls and drainage did their job this morning.  That feels good.  First real test is some time.  But there is much more to come.

It looks like we will have more rain today.  Perhaps another quarter inch by midnight.  But over all, it will be slowing down locally, as the core moves south and east.  Just what the southern end of the Sierra needs right now.  Overnight will be our calmest weather.  More winds move in through the early morning, with rain coming quick on its heels Wednesday.  This storm looks like it will focus more inland, but we could be looking at another inch plus tomorrow.  A half inch coming on Thursday.  Highs remain in the 50s.  Lows drop into the 40s.

EDIT:  Since I wrote this earlier, some more rain fell.  1.51"  More bands out the back.  Enjoy.

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