Monday, January 11, 2016

Wintery Mix.

In the nations capital that would typically mean cold rain, wet snow and worst of them all, freezing rain.  Here in Santa Cruz, it means some rain, many clouds, some wind, and a bit of sun.  Again.  Finally.  Wintery mix continues for the next week or town.  Sun is breaking through right now at our house.  Hope you have been taking advantage of this break in between storm, as the next to arrive is looking much more robust than the last two.  Big swell is arriving today as well.  I was out this morning, and it was quite clear which waves were from the dying swell, and which were the fore runners of the new swell.  And those fore runners were solid.  Twelve plus feet and all long period.  Made for some interesting drops.  It was fun.  But mistakes carried a heavy price, so be careful if you are venturing out.  Tuesday looks like one of those days.  East winds should make the big wave spots up the close look fun.  Then the tide drops all day after 11AM, and town will slowly turn on.  Although, winds may be on the increase by late in the day, as the next system begins to move ashore.

Siena sunset.

Rain will fill in overnight Tuesday, and be light to moderate through the morning hours.  We should see a break before the next system arrives Thursday mid day.  Maybe not.  And inch between the two of them, with perhaps the first being a bit wetter, and the second a bit colder.  More rain arriving Friday evening into Saturday.  And it could be heavy at times.  More systems lined up the back.  The train is building back up.  Welcome to El Nino.  Now if this nice high pressure would just break down, instead of weakening, these storms would be steam rolling.  But I think I prefer this little bit at a time thing that has been going on.  Fewer floods.

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