Thursday, January 7, 2016

Long View

2.96 inches have fell in the rain gauge on the corner of Walnut and King Street since Monday.  We collected over four inches in our rudimentary gauge in our yard, which is on the slope behind the west end of King.  Areas in the mountains are pushing through the five and six inch marks.  Over four days that is not extraordinary, especially in an El Nino fueled winter.  Still, it sure felt wet.  The wettest run we have had in years.  So far, we are looking at about an average year for precipitation.  There has been a very slight improvement in drought conditions, but with continued weak storms pushing into the state, we may start to see some improvements.  In fact, the storm for today, while much weaker on the coast than any earlier in the week, will do a much better job of pushing inland and resulting in interior rain and snow.  That is good news for drought, as most of the rain that falls on the coast, flows to the ocean.  So, what does the rest of the week in weather look like?  Read on.

These guys will burst into flight today, after three days of rain.

The center of the low pressure has finally moved ashore and south of us.  Some wrap around will send rain and snow to the interior.  San Diego is getting a good rain right now.  We will see intermittent showers in the morning, and will trend drier during the day.  The air mass remains moist, and we could see showers pop up, even into the evening and night.  Still, chances for that steadily drop through the day.  Showers most likely this morning.  Today will warm through the mid 50s.  Some sun may break out.  Friday morning will be the chilliest this week, especially if the sky clears.  Low 40s, or cooler if there are stars.  Tomorrow looks like a fine day to get out and explore a little.  It should be dry in the morning.  Waterfalls are flowing.  The surf will still be pumping, but with easterly winds, should clean up nicely.  Get it while it lasts, as the next storm in the train arrives late in the day and into the evening on Friday.

It will not pack a tremendous amount of rain with it.  We are expecting about a half inch in town, and a bit more in the hills.  A few inches of snow in the Sierra.  Still, it is all adding up slowly.  Rain should dissipate by mid day Saturday.  Other than that, we are looking at a fair weekend ahead with dome decent (as compared to yesterday at least) surf conditions.  And for those of you pining to get to the snow, this weekend should be decent, with a fresh few feet since the holiday hordes descended on Tahoe.

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