Tuesday, January 19, 2016


The sun might come out tomorrow.  We are working toward our fourth inch of rain for the past week here in Santa Cruz.  Not a bad total.  Much more than that would likely be a waste due to excessive run off.  And, apologies for no posts over the weekend.  I was enjoying family time in the snow a bit too much.  But I'm back.  And the weather is continuing.  Raining out there this morning.  Pretty hard at time.  We already picked up a third inch since 2AM.  And this thing does not look like it will let up anytime soon.  We could be looking at total reaching past the one inch mark here in town.  The heaviest rain will subside by late morning, with moderate showers continuing through the day.  It will be a wet one.  The evening could be fair, with clouds lingering through the night.

It is warm out there.  It is hanging in the mid 50s as of 6AM.  It will warm into the low 60s today.  Wednesday morning will be a touch cooler, and the afternoon a touch warmer.  With the clouds breaking up, it will feel much warmer.  Thursday could reach into the mid 60s, but clouds will be filling in late in the day.  By Thursday, the next system will be approaching, and rain is likely by late in the day.  This storm will be a slower moving system, and should last through the day on Friday.  It also will have a lot of water associated with it.  More details as we get closer.  As it stands now, things should clear up nicely for the weekend and we could be enjoying a five day stretch of fair weather.  A break in the rain will feel nice, as colder storms are looking to march south as we approach the beginning of February.

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