Friday, January 8, 2016

Rainy period continues, but much milder.

Trend it to get a bit dryer and a bit warmer, but not really dry, nor really warm.  Mid 50s today will rise to the upper 50s tomorrow and maybe 60F next work week.  This morning will be crisp.  Mornings after a night with clouds will be in the mid to upper 40s, while those following a night of stars will be in the low 40s.  Go figure.  Outer Space is cold.  Anyway, rain showers will arrive before sunrise on Saturday.  Nothing too heavy.  Lighter than yesterday's rain, or there abouts.  (Is that a real word?) Maybe a quarter inch in hilly parts of town if we are lucky.  Yesterday yielded .13" on King Street, so it was not even that wet.  Weather should clear out through the day tomorrow, but with chance for showers into the early evening.  Sunday will be more like today (Friday), but a bit warmer.  So a nice day.  Then next week we see another series of storms lining up.

Next storm up stream is Monday.  Then another on Wednesday.  Then another late Friday or Saturday.  More details to follow.  Nothing looking as strong as the heavy days this week.  Just some more rain.  Good for the state.  Good for the earth.  Good for the plants.  Right now it looks like a dry period is to follow starting around MLK Day.  Bet that is going to be a busy ski weekend.  Snow is good right now.  Folks are getting after it.  I might try for Sunday.  Surf is settling, and cleaning up.  Plenty of swell and power out there.  Go get some.  More to follow.

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