Monday, December 19, 2016

Cold 22.

It is a cold 22F on Eduardo Avenue in Ben Lomond.  Yikes, yo.  That is cold.  It is about 32F here on the Westside at 7:15, but is temps did dip below 30F for one and a half hours earlier this morning.  Yike, yo.  That is cold.  The cold air mass from the weekend was chilled further due to radiative cooling of the clear sky.  It will be a good bit warmer tomorrow night, but temps will still dip into the 30s.  By Tuesday night we are warming back into the low to mid 40s.  What ever plants make it through this morning will likely make it through until the next cold snap.

Drought conditions remain the same as of last week's update.  The monitor releases reports on Thursdays, so last week's storm was not recorded in the report.  Thursday's system was fairly widespread through Central and into many parts of Southern California.  It was significant enough that it should have some small positive effect on the drought.  We currently have 60% of the state in Extreme or worse drought.  20% still is listed at Exceptional.  The majority of that region is to the south of us, although some areas to our east and north are still effected.  We still remain listed as abnormally dry.

This week will have no rain.  Maybe on Christmas evening, but more likely next Monday, we could see our next rain system.  This one looks small, but packing a little punch and picking up moisture.  Still way to far out to do much more than say that, and hope.

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